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The activities of the school will be of interest to people who wish to learn the basic practical and theoretical principles needed to become a professional mediator, or simply for one's personal interest (health, relationships, family, work...); it will also be of interest to anyone who has already been through constellation training and who wishes to enrich their knowledge and experience.

By harmonizing our relationships with our family as well as the social and professional systems we live in, constellations put us in touch with the energies and resources of the past (our parents and ancestors), but also with the potential of the future, helping us clarify our intentions and goals. The harmonization and clarification help us take efficient actions in the present.
Discover a theme
2 days
How can I be successful in my family life?
How can I be successful in my couple ?
How can I be successful in my relationship with my parents or children?
How can I be successful in my studies or in my work?
Constellator training : 2 years
20 days per year
The course alternates between theoretical knowledge and practical constellations with the trainees. Ample time is given to questions, practical workshops, and training sessions.
Interventions in companies and institutions
Web constellations
Online work - individual or in a group
80 - 100€
Constellations can be done online with a specific method. It can be an individual work or done in a group.

Idris Lahore explains what a system is

Who is this school for?

People interested :
- in their personal development
- in a broader view of themselves, their family, their profession.
- in finding solutions to the problems of their life.

Healthcare practitioners (doctors, paramedical professions, psychotherapists) and people in the helping professions (coaches, trainers, consultants) who wish to reinforce their skills and find resources to continue a path of inner transformation at the service of their customers.

Students and constellators of other constellation schools wishing to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills.

Institutions and companies concerned with optimizing relationships within their teams and improving their performance.
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Transgenerational and systemic techniques

Usually we think that what happens to us is caused by us or it is our fault, or that it is the consequence of our personal past. While in fact, when we do something that we didn't want to do, or don't do something that we wanted to do, family constellations teach us that what happens is not directly caused by us, but is rather connected to the influence of the other members of our family system, through what they did or neglected to do. Sometimes they are ancestors we have never even known. In constellations, we call this sort of connection an "entanglement" – we are entangled with a member of our family system.

It is difficult to observe these influences directly in our family. Nonetheless, they can be the cause of serious physical illness such as cancer, psychological troubles such as depression, accidents, and repeated failures, as well as recurring difficulties in our lives.

Family constellations are therefore a method of bringing to light the different influences that certain members of our family, and even certain ancestors, can have on our life – they reveal the invisible transgenerational forces that are at work.

The two areas in which constellations are used

Personal constellations
Physical or psychological problems
Relationship problems
Partnership problems
Parent-child problems
Professional problems
Problems with money
Problems with time
Business constellations
Help in decision-making
Tests of strategy and product/marketing
Diagnostic instrument/analysis tool
Stimulating motivation and state of mind
Resolving conflictual situations or crises
Resolving interpersonal difficulties
Management optimization
Supervising and coaching

Values and ethics

Through an expanded view of the client's family, social, and professional field, a constellation done individually or in a group aims to find a better solution to the problem presented.

Guided in a gentle and respectful manner, the client integrates the painful elements of their past to get in touch with the strengths and resources of the present, in which they can find their due place.

The three characteristics of constellations according to Idris Lahore :
1. Taking into account both the resources and energies of the past, as well as being oriented toward the future.
2. An approach that respects the individual, his family and social culture.
3. The integration of other constellation methods, such as those of Bert Hellinger and other renowned constellators.
In this way, the constellators trained by Idris Lahore have a wide range of choice and adaptation thanks to their knowledge of different constellation methods, always choosing the method that leads to a better solution.

Internships and training

Transform your life with these unforgettable moments, for yourself or your professional projects, for a thematic weekend or a full course.

The specifics of the school

I. Thematic courses for all
Discover a theme over the course of 2 days (couple, family, money, time, health).

II. Professional training
Our teaching approach is based on the triad of knowledge, practical skills, and manifested highest human quality. The third aspect, this manifestation of highest human quality, is the one we emphasize. It allows the mediator to serve the client's highest benefit.

Who teaches the course?

Our teachers are constellators trained by Idris Lahore; they are constantly striving for excellence in their activities. Their practice and the quality of their instruction are regularly evaluated. They transfer you their knowledge and experience with passion.
December 2019 - With Idris Lahore
First raw :
Nil Aktar, Jacqueline Gateau, Solange Lipère, Idris Lahore, Luce Van Rittem, Alban Bellamy, France de Bois-Centi

Second row :
Clara Naudi, Olga Bondareva, Ennéa Tess Griffith, Françoise Mazuir, Tushir Beltzer, Alain Falduzzi, Coline d'Aubret, Alma Antier, Anastasia Leenson

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